Has this service been shut down?

I have had this account for about 8 months or so, and it all used to work perfectly.  The number was called, call was forwarded, voicemail answered, and an audio message was sent to my email inbox....UNTIL RECENTLY...

I can not seem to get my account to forward any calls from my Virtual Phone number, to my actual phone number.  I have set up my business based on this toll-free number, and now it will not even answer when I call my virtual  toll-free number.  Cannot get the website CALL ACTIONS  tab to allow me to change the status of the phone number to anything other than DISABLED.

I feel like this website and service may no longer be in business.  When I call the CUSTOMER SERVICE contact number, I get the same recording whether I press option 1 or option 2...it says that the extension is not available.  Have never received a call back from CUSTOMER SERVICE, never received a text or email from them either.

Does anyone know if they are still in business, and if so, how do I get some help setting this up again?

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  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE - I am having the same problem. I can't even log into my account to make changes (hence my reply from a Demo User). I can only go in through the app. I don't remember my password so I tried resetting it and it tells me my account doesn't exist. I too have tried calling. I got one number to actually ring but then when I called again, it went strait to the voice prompt that had full mailboxes.

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  • Although my number is still working, I have never been able to contact anyone in this company. Even today when I try to pay to get extra minutes. Really not sure what is going on. Better change to a different provider.

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  • JohnZ 

    give me please a new provider

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  • Seems to be working fine.

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  • Hello, likely I probably am a victim as well.

    I think that we have to take actions and contact with consumer's organisations or look for a legal advice.



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  • MaximS I am happy for you. Can you share the secret or settings or how you contact the company and they respond?



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  • Hello, after reading all your cases, I believe that I am also a victim and reported the company to ftccomplaintassistant.gov At least, I hope we can prevent other people from this inexistent service.

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  • Hello All,

    I just started using this service and I'm only with the free deal. I downloaded the app onto my Samsung and so far it seems to be working. I just started, so this minutes thing may end up being a problem. Don't know yet. Definitely light on the contact and support but at least it's working. 

    Thought I would share. They don't seem totally screwed up...

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  • RolandT  Hi Roland. I am very happy for you. Unfortunately, nothing working with me.

    I am afraid that they will have a big problem with the Law and authorities even they are in the moon. Believe me.

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  • Does anyone know the SIP settings for this service? I'm trying to configure my Polycom phone. Unfortunately, I am like you guys, getting no answer from Customer Service. 

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  • such unfortunate news. i really need reliable global sms services. 

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  • LeonidasS , do you have any updates on the legal actions regarding this company?  I like their service...WHEN IT WORKED!    I also would like to know if I could switch to another provider, and have this number ported to the new provider.  That way, I could keep the number that I really like, and has been attached to my business, but use it with a provider that delivers customer service.

    In the meantime, I have set up a google voice account, and have the virtual phone number forwarded to the google number.  Then, the google number is forwarded to my cell.  That way, I know when a call is coming in from this number, versus other numbers not related to this business.  Hope that helps.

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  • Hello - I am on the free service for now, as I am only using it to receive calls directly to voicemail.  This service is still functioning perfectly for me.  I have tried to receive SMS messages, and that does not appear to be working.  I cannot figure out why, and I cannot reach anyone live on customer service.  If they can provide proper support I will move to paid service and use it much more, but so far it feels like a risk to pay anything.

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