how to read sms on pc?

hi, im a newbie here.

& i have absolutely no idea how to receive & read sms on my pc.

does sms come to my email inbox? or do i have to access to certain page on ur website?

plz help! thx!

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  • Hi TinyM,

    As of now, you can see all sent/received SMS from your softphone, which can be opened right from your account dashboard. 


    Is there anywhere else you would like to receive SMS notifications?

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  • thx for the reply, pamela!

    i was just wondering if its available to read sms via email. if its possible, that would be awesome. thx!

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  • Hi TinyM, 

    Great! We will put in a feature request for SMS notifications via email and be sure to keep you posted. 

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  • Hi, my messages do not arrive to me?

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  • how do i delete my account. nothing works!

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  • No SMS forwarding to email addresses? Then the service is pretty much useless for me.

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  • is there a way that we can forward sms to our cell phone.. the same way that we can forward the calls to our cell phone?

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  • tested and my number works to call it, but nothing happens when I send an SMS to it, is SMS for paid only accounts? I have the free for life number....

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  • I took me a while to figure this out, but you have to use the PC based softphone as shown above to see them. Forwarding them to email would make this a more useful service.


    Pamela R How do we manage these messages? I don't see a way to delete them or anything.

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  • I've been trying to figure this thing out for the last 30 minutes...nothing works and there is nothing straight forward about how to use this service or even exactly what it is. I tried calling the number but there is no way to actually answer it...I tried dialing out but there is no apparent way to hang up (I currently have a call "in progress" for the last 10 minutes). This service is either shit or it is some kind of scam.

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  •  Logging out doesn't hang you up's see if I can delete the account altogether...

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  •  Nope. No way to delete still in progress and won't hang up...

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  • I still have a call that is "in progress" ..I cant find a way to end the call. This should be a feature. 

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  •   JessW of course, you can simply use the phone application.

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  • horrible services only good thing is you can make calls but cant recieve or sent texts

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